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Shallon Tagg
Mrs. Virgin Islands United States 2009

I admired women I saw in pageants wearing their elegant gowns and posing in swimsuits.† They were beautiful, well spoken and incredibly talented.† In 2005, I tipped the scales at 309 pounds. I was pre-diabetic, had high blood pressure and was a candidate for a heart attack. I had a crazy schedule, poor eating habits, and too tired to exercise. A prisoner trapped in my fat, everyone had advice, but no matter what I tried, it didnít work. When I heard from my doctors that my obese condition was life threatening, I decided for a change because my familyís need for a mom.† I consulted with my doctor and found a gym that I could stick with. A little at a time my diet changed and then my weight started to come off. We set goals as a family, shopped and cooked together, along with taking walks and slowly the weight came off.

I entered my first pageant on November 2006 and set a goal of 140 pounds by June of 2007. I enjoyed the complements and began appreciating what I saw in the mirror.

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