Nevada, Juliette Kimoto

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Juliette Kimoto is a native Nevadan.  She and her husband, Kyle, met in high school and the rest is history.  They have been married for twelve years and have six beautiful children together. 

While raising a young family, Juliette pursued her education.  She graduated from Southern Utah University with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Juliette enjoys going to the lake with her family, classic car collecting, and attending Broadway plays. 

Juliette’s work now is in the home and community.  She is actively involved with her church.  She’s a dance specialist for a youth dance festival. "Arise and Shine Fourth".  This includes over a thousand youth in her community.  Juliette is also working with Courtney Children’s Foundation.  She is a volunteer dedicated to providing mother-to-mother support to pregnant teens, and at-risk pregnant women. 

Juliette believes that women need a support system to have a successful marriage, family, and career. 

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