the pageant

Mrs. United States Pageant

The personal experience of a lifetime! Enlist the support of your husband and join other contestants to compete for the prestigious Mrs. United States Crown. Celebrate your success as a married woman (at the state and national levels).

The Judging
• personal interviews
• swimsuit competition
• evening gown competition

Also, an impromptu question will be asked of each of the top 10 finalists (on stage). The competition is based on personality, charm, poise, beauty, and the ability to articulate.

Results determined by a panel of distinguished judges.


• Entrant must be married and living with her husband.
• Entrant must be at least 21 years of age
• Entrant must be of good moral character
• Entrant must be a citizen of the United States

The term entrant is defined as a naturally-born female meeting the criteria outlined in the rules and regulations.


Go to your state and fill out the online inquiry form. See states >>


We gratefully acknowledge our State Directors, Sponsors, and Staff for their dedication and hard work. Together, we have made the Mrs. United States National Pageant® the most elegant, reputable, and successful pageant available to married women. Together, we have created a truly unique, exhilarating, rewarding, and memorable event for married women throughout the United States. Thank you, all of you, for making the Mrs. United States National Pageant® the standard for pageantry excellence!


State Directorships - Looking for an opportunity to begin a rewarding career? We invite you to become an integral part of our team. The Mrs. United States National Pageant® is a highly successful, major pageant system. Let us know if you are interested in producing a state pageant. Learn more

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