Kathy’s team of hair and make up professionals are no strangers to large events. They can be spotted doing hair and make up at the Super Bowl and NFL Draft, for ladies from all over the world competing for the title of Miss Hooters International, or backstage at New York fashion week just to name a few.


United States National Pageants and Faces by Kathy have put together an unbeatable hair and makeup package for the 2019 United States National Pageant. Each Delegate will be assigned a hair artist and a makeup artist that will be your team for the week allowing you to have a better relationship resulting in you putting your very best “you” out there on that stage!

What’s included

  • One hair and makeup appointment for Interviews, Preliminaries and Finals (a total of three)

  • Makeup:

    • Airbrush application

    • Appropriate lashes for each event (new lashes for each appointment)

    • Proper primers to ensure the best application and longevity

  • Hair:

    • A style of your choosing collaboratively decided with your artist

    • Can put in clip-in extensions or halos if clean and dry

What’s not included

  • Brow grooming

  • Wax or other hair removal

  • Cleaning of hair extensions

  • Tattoo Cover-Up


Makeup Notes: There will be no brow grooming offered on site. If your brows need to be cleaned up you need to do that prior to the start of the pageant week. Please use a brow professional that you are familiar with so there are no surprises!

 Delegates should come with clean skin to your appointment. No leftover make up on skin including leftover mascara, lash glue, eyeliner, etc.… If your make up artist has to spend time cleaning up your skin, it will cut into the time he/she will have to do your actual makeup. Please bring makeup wipes to take off makeup at night that are for WATERPROOF makeup and test them out on your skin prior to coming to the pageant; We don’t want your sensitive skin to react to something you haven’t tried before. Your artist will have appropriate primers and moisturizers and that will be applied at the onset of your appointment. You may bring a picture of make up that you like but understand that your face and skin may be different than the person in that image. We will adjust it to what will look the best for you personally.

Hair Notes: Please come with clean completely dry hair on interview day. If you need and/or usually use anti-frizz products before you blow dry then do so. You may be instructed by your hair artist to come with “day old” hair for preliminaries if you are wanting your hair up. This is something to discuss with your artist during your initial hair appointment for interview!

If you are using clip in extensions or halos, please come with them brushed and tangle free, washed and completely dry. Please do not come with extensions that have been wadded up in a bag and are full of product. If you are using a full set of hair extensions please reach out to your artist to see if they will need you to deliver the extensions the night before to have them pre-curled and ready to be clipped in. Again, THEY MUST BE CLEAN AND DRY. They are not going to wash them for you!

You may bring pictures of hair that you like for ideas but please be open to collaboration with your hairstylist to do what is going to be best for YOU PERSONALLY which may mean little tweaks here and there.

Tattoo Cover-Up: Tattoo cover-up will be quoted per person. Pictures must be forwarded ASAP to receive a quote and secure a spot. Appointments will not be booked until a picture has been seen ! Appointments will be very limited first come first serve basis. For more information and pricing and to view pictures of her work you can reach out to Savannah by way of her website. www.SavieLeigh.com