Andromeda Peters

2018 Miss United States

Andromeda Peters is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in mindfulness and utilizes her very own self love curriculum. Her passions exist in her advocacy Your Mind Matters, where she teaches children in school about the importance of mental health and self care. Andromeda also runs Mindful Self Care workshops for women where she provides them with mental health resources and safety tips so that women can feel supported and powerful, knowing that we do not have to live in fear. Her mission is to run her workshops nationwide and put a face to therapists. She is dedicated to helping address the mental health crisis in America while telling our country that asking for help makes you brave. 

Andromeda is a commercial model and spokesperson with a background in music and theatre. This pension for the arts loves expressing herself through all things creative. She also spends time in nature: hiking with friends and family, running, meditating, and kayaking. Having roots in martial arts, Andromeda enjoys watching anything kung fu, anime, DC Comic, or Marvel related. She loves traveling, fashion, juicing, and learning new vegan recipes. Coming from a diverse family, she embraces her ability to empower others to love themselves and is ready to spread positivity to our country as our Miss United States 2018.