Alyssa Deltorre

2018 Ms. United States

Raised in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and after graduation from Eden Prairie High School Alyssa DelTorre went on to pursue a career in the beauty industry at the Aveda Institute of Minneapolis. Spending time taking care of clients at salons in Minnetonka and Minneapolis she realized she was able to have an influence on her clients in more than just aesthetics. Her clients would open up, take her advice and come back telling her of changes and results they had in direct response to their conversations. These clients’ results and Alyssa’s personal journey of taking the time to heal from physical and sexual abuse is why she has recently enrolled back into an undergraduate program for psychology to enhance and grow her life coaching business. 

Alyssa DelTorre’s platform is focused on helping women heal from abuse and finding self-love so they can remember who they truly are again. Her Heal Through Health platform allows the 85% of women in the United States who experience sexual abuse find resources, tools and a path that starts the healing process mentally, emotionally, and physically. Working one on one, in large groups or seminars at local women’s shelters she is able to share her personal story of how she healed from abuse and inspire women to know they no longer have to live with the shame that goes along with experiencing abuse.