West Virginia United States Pageant 2020

July 25, 2020 (time TBD)
Mrs. United States
Miss United States
Ms. Woman United States
Ms. United States
Miss Teen United States
Miss Junior Teen United States
Miss Pre-Teen United States
Little Miss United States

The West Virginia United States Pageant will be held on May 16th, 2020 at the beautiful Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center in the Little Theater.

Mrs. United States National Pageant, Inc. celebrates intelligent women of all walks of life. Our system is based on a solid commitment to uphold the standards of fairness and integrity. It prides itself in providing an avenue for each young woman to give a voice to those needing to be heard, lend a hand to those less fortunate, and be a compass for those daring to dream. At the local, state, and national level, United States National Pageants give women the opportunity to promote a platform of community service. Featuring eight divisions – Little Miss, Pre-Teen, Junior Teen, Teen, Miss, Ms., Ms. Woman, and Mrs. – United States National Pageants is recognized as “the premier event of its kind” and the largest pageant system for girls and women ages 8+ in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and five U.S. territories.

For more information please go to https://www.mrsunitedstates.com/states/west-virginia

Prices to enter WV United States State Pageant will be as follows:

Little Miss, Pre-Teen, and Jr. Teen - $450
Teen, Miss, Ms., Ms. Woman, and Mrs. -$650

Regional WVUS titleholders will be permitted to compete in the state pageant free and runner up winners will be permitted with a 50% discount.

Local titleholders will receive a 50% discount to compete in the state pageant.

WVAFF royalty will be given a discount of $150 from their Director. Sponsorship letters will be given upon request to help you obtain sponsors.

Phases of competition:
Our competition consists of four areas: PRIVATE INTERVIEW, EVENING GOWN and ON-STAGE QUESTION.
All delegates compete in a round-robin style private interview for 3* minutes at a time with the judges. Private interview accounts for 25% of the overall score.
Little Miss & Pre-Teen delegates compete on-stage in sportswear outfits to show off their personality, while Jr. Teen and up compete in swimsuit to display their physical fitness and on-stage confidence. This portion of the competition accounts for 25% of the overall score.
All delegates compete on-stage in the evening gown competition to show their poise. Evening gown accounts for 25% of the overall score.
The top 5 delegates in each division compete in on-stage question. Each delegate in the Little Miss, Pre-Teen, Jr. Teen, Teen, Ms., & Ms. Woman division is given 30 seconds to answer a predetermined question, while Mrs. and Miss delegates are given a 1-minute press conference style questioning from the judges.
* Little Miss and Pre-Teen divisions have 2 minute private interviews

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